Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 402 of Monday, February 18 2019 [SPOILERS]

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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Kylian and Margot are about to go to Spain, Chloe and Karim on learning that the teenager is pregnant. Victory, meanwhile, is pushing George to get into the sport. Capture d'screen/DNA Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us aired Monday evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Monday, February 18, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Kylian and Margot are about to start a new life Marianne arrives in a panic at Chloe and Alex and tells them that Margot is a denial of pregnancy, and that he must find it quickly because its a pain in the back and in the belly are in fact contractions. Chloe, who thought that Margot had spent the weekend at Jessica, realizes that the adolescent is a party with all his belongings and hastened to prevent Karim who, like her, wants to have seen nothing and have been as hard on Margot. On the side of the two young lovers on the run, the departure for Spain is getting closer. After stealing a car, Kylian goes to Brunet and asks for cash. He promises that if he gives him what he wants to go abroad he will not say anything to the police about their agreement and will disappear for good from his life. Brunet ends up run, but Kylian did not doubt of the complications that await her. In fact, while he found Margot, the latter is again taken from intense pain in the lower back and starts to scream… Victory pushes Georges to get into the sport seeing land Fred bare chest at the breakfast, Victory, impressed by his dream body, encourages George to get into the sport, and more specifically to the sport of boxing. The younger cop, which ensures not to be allergic to the sport and have already done some judo when he was a kid, goes to the gym and begins to train with Fred. The course is going rather well, much to the astonishment of the boyfriend of Lucy, until Georges is take a shot in the head and end up in the hospital, where Amanda takes a perverse pleasure to make him suffer in soigant the wound on his face. The young nurse stops not there in his desire for revenge, since, in the face of the insistence of his ex and Victory, who continue to pretend that they are not together, she decides to play a little with them and announces to Win that she will try to seduce George. Arthur and Gabriel come to the hands The Spoon, so that Arthur, Noor and Timothy are about to embark in a game of foosball, Gabriel, the son of Morgana, claims that he was there before and things go quickly to the confrontation between Arthur and him, who come to the hands. Advised by Gwen, Sandrine comes to pick up Arthur, and realizes that the ado with which he fought is none other than the son of Morgane, who not fun not Arthur who is still convinced that there is something going on between his mother and the school nurse. Exasperated by the behavior of his son, Sandrine deprives it of output during a period of 15 days, and then discusses the situation with Morgana, who confesses that Gabriel is out to get him, that he makes him pay for what she did, and she hopes that one day he will understand. Sandrine tries obviously to push Morgana to tell him more, but the nurse does not seem ready yet to confide. She found, however, his son the Spoon, with which the dialogue seems more and more impossible. Indeed, Gabriel, who refuses to Morgane gave him the moral, is accused of having killed his father…

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