Green Book : to which book reference is made in the title of the film ?

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On the occasion of the release this Wednesday in the rooms of “the Green Book : on the roads of the south”, the return on the true story behind the film. This drama, in the running for an Oscar, meets Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. Green Book : On the roads of the south – January 23, 2019
Peter Farrelly with Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini what is it about ? Green Book : On the roads of the south is the first feature film from Peter Farrelly directed solo without his brother Bobby, with whom he had signed the comedies Mary at any price, Crazy Irene and Dumb and Dumber, among others. To address this shift was dramatic, it brings to the screen the true story of the tour of the pianist’s black Don Shirley in 1962, accompanied by his driver and body guard Tony Lip, a bouncer italo-american from the Bronx. The two men must travel in the deep South of the United States, in full racial segregation. Based on a true story Extremely documented, the film is co-written by Nick Vallelonga, who is none other than the son of Tony Lip. Having grown up hearing the incredible story of this journey and being a witness of the friendship between his father and the musician, Vallelonga always knew that he would make a film. His script is based on the notes taken during the interviews he had with the two men but also on the memories of his father, such as photographs, brochures, postcards and even the road map used during the trip. 2018 eOne Germany The famous Green Book But what is this “book of Green” which refers to the title of the movie ? The book (whose real title is ” The Negro Motorist Green-Book) is a travel guide published annually from 1936 to 1966. There were shops and other establishments that accept black customers at a time when it was suffering many indignities, and where the danger was permanent. In the so-called Sundown towns, for example, it was unofficially prohibited Black people from moving around after sunset. This segregation was legalized by the laws of Jim Crow, a series of decrees enacted between 1876 and 1964 in the most Southern States of the country, or in some municipalities. Nicknamed the “book of Green”, the name of its author Victor Hugo Green, a postman afro-american of New York, the guide only covered the origin and the region of New York, and was then extended to the major part of the North America, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Sold in gas stations and by correspondence, the book allowed travelers black to plan their trip to avoid harassment, arrest and violence. The abolition of the laws of the segregationist Jim Crow in 1964, has rendered obsolete the “book of Green”, whose publication was stopped in 1966. Its author, who died in 1960 (it was his widow who continues to publish the book after his death), has not experienced the end of segregation. “Green Book : On the roads of the South” wins the Club 300 Approved ! Although occurring in 1962, the Green Book : on the roads of the south resonates with America today, as the stresses Viggo Mortensen : “from the time this allows you to leave behind the constant background noise of our concerns and our prejudices, all those things that prevent us from truly hear what another has to say. When, through a period film […], we observed the way people behaved in the past, we often learn more about the present than with a movie that takes place in a contemporary setting”.

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