Umbrella Academy, Sex Education, Titans… let’s go to the series of January and February 2019 [PODCAST]

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What are the series that it was not to be missed in January and February ? The Editorial in’ the debriefing’ of those who were in the news and reveals its blows of heart ! We speak in particular of the Umbrella Academy, Sex Education, Dirty John… AlloCiné offers you now a regular debriefing of the films and series that he had to see (or not) in the past month ! It is left for a session of catch-up series, with a lot of superheroes and psychopaths ! The contents of this new issue : Sex Education (from 00:52) You (from 04:02) Dirty John (from 08:08) Titans (from 12:48) Umbrella Academy (from 18:12) The corner series French Infidel, Philharmonia and Gear (from 26:30) Our favorite with Kingdom, Star Trek, Discovery, and Doom Patrol (from 34:00)

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