The Walking Dead season 9 : episode 10 we learned about the Chuchoteuse Alpha, a new villain of the series [SPOILER]

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The last episode of “The Walking Dead” season 9 was dedicated to the origins of Alpha, a new villain of the series and leader of the Whisperers. AMC, Which is Alpha (Samantha Morton, read our portrait), the new villain of The Walking Dead ? Here is the question that the last episode of the series horror AMC has responded, the opportunity for us to learn more about the one who dons the very near future the role of the main antagonist of the show – with watermark on the daunting task of succeeding the very popular Negan. The figure of the husband authoritarian held captive in the dungeons of the Hill, her daughter Lydia has delivered the details on his past – and his mother – to his cell-mate, Henry. Scenes of flashback were then illustrated his words, allowing us to discover for the first time the face of the Alpha (we had a view that hidden until then). In a first time, the portrait by Lydia is a woman under the thumb of a husband’s violent and authoritarian, a vision of a character subject well away from the warrior as she went, taking the head of the Whisperers. The latter, named Frank, does not cease swearing on his wife (his real name we will never be given), before shaving the beard, on the pretext that he has ever loved. A change seems to occur in him : his animal nature then seems to take over the human. At this moment, it seems impossible not to draw a parallel with the story of Carol, formerly married to a violent man (Ed, in the first season), but she had known how to emancipate themselves with what then became the best evolution of a character from The Walking Dead. This link with Carol is going to necessarily bring down the guard of Henry, but also Daryl, the one who knows probably the best among all the characters as they are the last two members still living (or not present in the series if one takes into account Rick Grimes) of the original group of heroes. AMC The guilt of the young girl During the flashback following, Alpha appears to us then as a woman with short hair. Henry then explains that his adoptive mother Carol had also decided to adopt this style capillary, in order to avoid that her husband only grabbed when he was violent towards her. Again, a parallel is made between the two women, but also with the own childhood of Daryl, also raised by an abusive father. It was then that the memories of Lydia begin to mix. As she remembers a tender moment during which her father sang a lullaby (Lydia the Tattooed Lady Marx Brothers), the roles of the mother and father begin to invert. Alpha accidentally kills one of the refugees who tried to escape the bunker to try her luck outside. We then notice that the tattoo that she had on the inside of the arm now appears on that of her husband. Then the roles continue to reverse, as we discover now an Alpha almost bald, while Frank, for his part, found his beard well furnished. Lydia then tells that the corpse of the survivor, killed accidentally by his mother woke up in the middle of the night, to jump on it ; but his father had sacrificed his own life to save that of her daughter. “A mistake,” according to the words of the young girl, who believes she would have had to die in his place since it’s her own recklessness that had put in danger. AMC The true face of Alpha Finally, in the course of an evening stroll in the Hill, the truth finally seems to make surface. We find out how Alpha has even cut the hair (this time the roles have definitely been reversed). Then, a new scene reveals to us the true causes of the death of Frank : when he tried to stop to take Lydia with her to the outside of the bunker, Alpha did not hesitate to stab to death her husband so that it does not impede their path. The moult was completed, and Alpha the Chuchoteuse was born. In this respect, this latter place already as the anti-Negan, since the construction of the character is completely different from that of the leader of the Saviors : introduced in the end of season 6, the tyrant, indeed, had been presented as the leader of an army, and this is only the beginning of his heinous murders (Abraham and Glenn) that we began to learn more about his account, his past as a professor of ping-pong, the death of his beloved wife Lucile… Yet, although it is planned to devote in the future a episode, never-the flashback had shown this way in the past Negan, as has been the case for Alpha. A difference in size, which seems to indicate that where there would be material to find the humanity at the tyrant, and even a form of redemption, the transformation into a monster of the Chuchoteuse, however, looks short, as if his true nature had surfaced in this post-apocalyptic world. This episode of the construction complex also allows to give more weight to the next episode, now that we know that the latter will stop at nothing to ensure his survival – and that of her daughter. Because unfortunately for our heroes, episode 10 ends with his appearance in front of the ramparts of the Hill, armed and surrounded by several of his men… AMC the episodes of The Walking Dead season 9 are to be found each Monday in the US+24 on OCS Shock.